The Kamen Rider franchise is one of the biggest names in tokusatsu. And as the years go by, they have been doing more and more difficult scenes. Unfortunately, this also means that the franchise’s production crews are now running out of places in Japan to shoot those scenes.

The Shibuya Toei theater recently re-screened the 2003 movie, Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost last February 17. Actor Kento Handa and producer Shinichirō Shirakura attended the screening, and even had a little Q&A session. There, Shikura revealed that since 555, the franchise has been doing more and more difficult or “extreme” scenes. He then admitted that places to shoot these scenes are becoming rarer and rarer. Finally, the producer saif frankly that “filming the series in Japan may no longer be possible one day.”

Japan has a ton of regulations and restrictions when it comes to filming, and this includes obtaining permits from where the area is located. And not only that, but if they’re doing it in a public area, they need to get the approval of local residents as well. This has led many film makers to complain that the process in Japan takes too long. They also had had clashes with locals who refuse permission to film in areas, as as they usually make a ton of noise in the middle of the night.

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Source: Oricon News via ANN


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