The second season of Kemono Friends has been a controversial one, as fans preferred the original staff from season 1. Unfortunately, the row between Kadokawa and season 1 director Tatsuki means that it’s impossible to happen, even with much fan backlash. And the fans have been vocal with their disapproval, even going into twitter to post to Kemono Friends 2 director Ryuichi Kimura’s own account and tell him that they don’t like him. And it looks like the director has had enough.

Kimura said that it’s fine to criticize, but fans don’t have to go to his twitter mentions to directly do that. He adds that they’re not doing any justice at all, and also said that these people are frightening. Kimura also said that he was just venting his frustrations and wasn’t really interested in having a conversation. He also told fans that they don’t have to reply to the tweet.

And it isn’t just Kimura that’s experiencing trouble with fans, but the studio producing Kemono Friends 2 as well. Producer Shinnosuke Numata previously admitted that they’re getting pranks from fans, as well as getting harassed.

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source: Ryuichi Kimura twitter page


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