After the current second season of the TV anime, after the upcoming second season of the live-action TV series, Yumeko Jabami is finally hitting the big screen with the live-action Kakegurui movie! And now, Cinema Today has started streaming a brand new trailer for this new movie:

Co-mangaka Homura Kawamoto is collaborating on the movie’s story, which is an original one and not part of the manga. It will introduce a new group in the school known as “Village”, They’re opposing the student council… and Yumeko as well!

Aside from the new trailer, the staff also revealed a brand new key visual. It features the movie’s characters, as well as reveals its May 3, 2019 premiere!

The stars from the live-action TV series will be reprising their roles for the movie. Netflix is currently streaming the TV anime, as well as the live-action version. As for the movie’s international release, there is still no word about it at the moment.

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source: Cinema Today


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