Yes folks, it’s really happening, as Mazinger Z will be taking on Transformers! The crossover manga will hit the shelves on March 28, and will have six chapters, each one done by a different mangaka. And now, Publisher Village Books has released the manga’s cover, featuring Mazinger Z taking on Optimus Prime (or Convoy in Japan). What makes the cover so special? It’s because the legendary Mazinger Z mangaka himself, Go Nagai, drew it!

Hiroto Ishakawa wrote the manga’s plot, while Transformers: The Battle of Star Gate mangaka Makoto Tsushima wrote the synopsis. Yuu Kinutani, Kazuya Hoshi, Naoyuki Fujisawa, and Naoto Tsushima all contributed to the manga’s artworks in the various chapters as well. The manga itself will also have a gallery of crossover artworks featuring various artists. They include Shinobu Kaze, Tsuyoshi Nonaka, Yuuki Ooshima, and Fumitaka Kunugi.

Now that’s gonna be one hell of a battle, don’t you guys think so? Who do you think will win this crossover?

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