The Pokemon Direct Livestream dropped one huge bombshell of a news! This is because they just announced the 8th generation of Pokemon games, and their titles are Pokemon Sword and Shield. These two games will be the first mainline Pokemon games for home consoles, as Nintendo will be releasing it for the Nintendo Switch.

The new game will hit the Switch in Late 2019, so who here is excited?!

In the video, they introduced the Galar region, and from the looks of things, Galar seems to be inspired by Britain. The Direct livestream also introduced the games’ three starters. They are the grass-type Grookey, the fire-type Scorbunny, and the water-type Sobble.

A lot of things are still unknown with this new game, but hopefully, Nintendo will shed some light on it soon enough.

So, what do you guys think of Pokemon Sword and Shield? What do you think of the three starters?

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