Celebrities, game companies, and many others usually reach out to their fans on Reddit. Particularly, they post AMA (Ask Me Anything) threads on the online forum. And the most recent one is Rising of the Shield Hero anime producer Junichiro Tamura.

Several fans asked him questions in the forum, and here are a few of the questions he answered (in English no less):

Q: What is your “Guilty Pleasure” anime?

A: A: Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (shameless plug of my own title).


1.I know you are not involved, but how come certain shows don’t get a second season despite being very popular such as No Game No Life?

  1. Does the company ever produce something because they want to or is it always based on what you think will be popular?

  2. Can you swear to protecc Raphtalia?


  1. It is difficult to say as there are many different reasons why this may be the case, but I cannot comment on No Game No Life as I am not involved.

  2. Both cases happen, but the latter is more common.

  3. While I everyone can enjoy the content as they wish, I will protecc Raphtalia.


  • This probably got/will get asked many times, but what are the chances for a season 3 of Konosuba and season 2 of Re:Zero?

  • What is it like knowing stuff that you worked on are so hyped overseas?


  • KonoSuba season 3 has a good chance if the movie does well, no comment regarding Re:Zero.

  • It makes me very happy, as Shield Hero was produced with the overseas market in mind.

Q: Who’s your favorite character in Shield Hero?

A: Naofumi, he never gives up no matter how difficult the situation.


Have you ever considered crowdfunding anime? As a fan of anime, it’d be cool if people making a show got enough funds to adapt the material correctly.

We’ve seen a few success stories like Nekopara. I’ve always wondered what many cool anime like Bubblegum crisis would have ended up like if they got enough money to do their vision justice. Many animes never really get the proper budget they deserve.

Often times many awesome anime get adapted but then run out of money/budget. I think of something like Claymore, where they had to end the anime with an anime original end.


I have not thought of crowdfunding a TV anime series yet, but it could be a possibility for a movie or something that is not broadcast on TV.

I don’t know much about Nekopara, but I think it would be difficult to gather the money required to make a TV series through crowdfunding.

I have yet to run into the problem of an over-budget project, so it is difficult to comment on, but it is something I do hear about often.


  1. How do you pick which companies and staff you want to have on the production committee? Is finding companies mostly a mix of reaching out to acquaintances of yours or of Kadokawa, and trying to get companies that can cover all bases of an anime project (e.g. merchandising companies, TV stations, etcetera)? Do other companies also generally ask to be put on a production committee?

  2. Was there a particular reason for Kadokawa to help establish animation studio ENGI at this point in time?

  3. Has there ever been a director you would’ve liked working on one of the anime series you helped produce, but couldn’t for whatever reason?

  4. Finally, do you have any particular funny or weird story that happened in your career as producer? Something that stood out to you?


  1. I go way back with Kinema Citrus, and we’ve been talking about doing a project together, and it ended up being Shield Hero. Crunchyroll tipped us off on the title, which is why they are in committee. The others are whoever is interested among the people we ask.

  2. It difficult to find open lines at good studios right now, so we wanted to establish our own studio so we can control the quality of the production ourselves. But still plan on working with other production studio as we have in the past, while ENGI will focus CG animation.

  3. Osamu Dezaki, he was a director I admired, but unfortunately he passed away before I had become a director.

  4. I’ve been an editor for manga and anime producer, but I’ve come to notice they have many overlaps and are equally enjoyable.


 Is there anything surprising that you see on the subreddit or in the west about anime in general?

On the other hand, what is something that you know that might surprise us about the show that seemingly gets ignored in the west?


While I do not use Reddit, I am surprised there have been so many questions for me today.

I can’t really think of any since everyone seems well informed regarding anime.

You can check out the rest of his answers via his Reddit AMA thread here.

The Rising of The Shield Hero is definitely one of the hottest TV anime this season, so fans had a ton of burning questions for him. So, what sort of questions would you ask the producer?

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