While the PlayStation Vita hasn’t experienced much success abroad, it has been thriving in Japan. Unfortunately, it seems that things are about to change, as the PS Vita’s official Japanese PlayStation site made an important announcement. They revealed that “shipments are scheduled to end soon” for certain PlayStation models of the hand-held console. These models are the PCH-2000 ZA11 (black) and PCH-2000 ZA23 (aqua blue).

They haven’t revealed much information on when they will exactly end the Vita’s production. However, many Japanese companies are still releasing games for the platform in the country. But even if this is still happening, we are now in the twilight of the console’s life.

Sony launched the platform back in 2011 as a new generation of handheld gaming consoles. And while it really took off in Japan, it didn’t experience as much success abroad. Many attribute this to the Nintendo 3DS’s success, while others say its the lack of good games.

So, what did you guys think of the PlayStation Vita?

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source: Gematsu


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