It looks like Black Clover’s 76th Episode, titled “Madoushi X”, is getting a few guest characters. This is because the sextuplets from Mr. Osomatsu are coming over! Yes folks, the brothers will be guest stars in the shounen anime’s 76th episode! They even released a brand new teaser visual of Osomatsu and Asta exchanging costumes while doing a fist bump:

The episode will air on March 26, 2019, though they didn’t reveal the sextuplets’ roles in the episode. However, we will find out what they’re up to in the world of Black Clover soon enough.

The crossover episode will be promoting the new Mr. Osomatsu movie. It’s now showing in Japan. The movie follows the exploits of the Matsuno sextuplets as they attend their high school reunion. There, they discover that their classmates are all quite successful already, while they are… well, you guys already know how the sextuplets are.

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