When an anime gets a Blu-ray release, the staff tend to fix its flaws, from animation quality to a few animation mistakes. And when the sibling anime, My Sister, My Writer aired, many thought a Blu-ray release would fix the infamously-bad animation of the series. Well, guess what? The Blu-ray release didn’t fix it. Here’s a side-bu-side comparison from twitter user mikune777. The left one is from the TV anime, while the one on the right is from the Blu-ray release:

My Sister, My Writer has gained quite an infamous reputation among the anime fandom, and this ain’t because it’s yet another siscon anime. The anime’s quality was so bad when it aired, that main character Suzuka’s mouth left her face as she was speaking. That’s how bad its animation was.

When it was airing, it looked like the staff also sneaked in a call for help in the anime’s credits. And it certainly is apparent that the staff needed all the help they could get, as anime fans bombarded the series with much criticism.

Well, hopefully, they could fix that scene where Suzuka’s mouth left her face at the very least…

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source: mikune777


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