Are you ready to learn more about the human body? Yes folks, the cells are back, as Cells at Work! is getting a second season! The anime’s official twitter page made the announcement, and they even revealed a new key visual. It features Red and White Blood Cell, Macrophage, Killer T Cell, and of course, Platelet!

Unfortunately, the staff did not reveal more details, just that the anime is getting a second season. Here’s how Kodansha describes the story of Akane Shimizu’s educational manga:

The average human body contains about 60 trillion cells, and each of them has work to do! But when you get injured, viruses or bacteria invade, or when an allergic reaction flares up, everyone from the silent but deadly white blood cells to the brainy neurons has to work together to get through the crisis!

So, who here is excited, because we surely are!

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