Yet another Chinese work is getting a Japanese TV anime adaptation, and this time, it’s Dainenbyou’s Gunjyo no Magumere, also known as Magmell of the Sea Blue in English. They even revealed a couple of brand new key visuals for this upcoming TV anime:

Its setting is in a mysterious continent known as Magmell, which suddenly appeared out of the Pacific Ocean out of nowhere. And this new continent has a lot of unknown life forms, including plants and animals. Because of this, it has sparked a new exploration craze into this new continent. However, many don’t realize how dangerous this continent really is. The story will follow a young man named You as he rescues explorers to make a living.

Hayato Date will be directing the anime over at Studio Pierrot. It will premiere via Tokyo MX on Sunday, April 7, 2019, and then on BS Fuji on the next day.

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