Japan and China are teaming up once again, and this time, to produce another TV anime. This new anime will be adapting Yuan Tong’s Journal of the Mysterious Creatures Chinese web novel, which follows a down and out landlord somehow having a werewolf and a vampire become his tenants.

The anime will follow a boy named Yoshihito, who earns a living by renting out the spare rooms in his home. However, he’s still new at the business, and his first tenant turns out to be a werewolf of all things! And to make matters worse, a vampire then attacks that werewolf, which would also become one of his tenants. And now, an organization has scouted Yoshihito to observe and keep the order between his new supernatural tenants. The cast includes:

Jou Mikami as Yoshihito

Aya Suzaki as Lily

Yuko Natsuyoshi as Vivian

Shenlan Ren will be the chief director for the anime, while Yukio Nishimoto will be the director. Children’s Playground Creative Inc. acts as both the producer and character designer, while Chinese video site, bilibili is producing the series. It will premiere in Japan later this year.

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source: Ota-suke


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