Hayao Miyazaki’s latest movie, “How Do You Live?”, is one of the most anticipated anime movies today. However, Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki recently sat down with literary magazine, Bungei Shunjuu, and there, he revealed that good’ol Hayao ain’t exactly working with a deadline to complete it.

In the interview, Suzuki said that they are experimenting with working with no set deadline. He says that he is looking forward to see how this system works out. Ghibli usually has a set deadline for all their works, but it looks like they’re throwing that system out the window for this movie.

Suzuki also added that not working bothers Miyazaki because not doing anything like any old retiree doesn’t sit well with the legendary director. He says that Miyazaki isn’t really interested in money, and just feels most at home working on an anime, He also thinks Miyazaki won’t really retire and will continue to make movies as long as he lives. As for if he’s proven wrong, Suzuki just asked Miyazaki to please not make a second retirement announcement.

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source: Yaraon!


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