Well folks, PETA is at it again! After their controversial comments on the Legendary Crocodile Hunter himself, Steve Irwin, the animal rights group is now raising the eyebrows of anime fans. This is because the group’s twitter page recently recommended the anime, and likened the treatment of the kids to how humans treat animals for food.

PETA says that the anime is “lit” and that it has so many parallels with today’s farming industry. However, they failed to liken the treatment of the children in the anime to how they actually treat thousands of homeless cats and dogs that they also lock up in cages and put down “for their own good,” in the guise of saving them.

And while usually, anime fans would celebrate a big organization praising a good anime, many just said “no thanks”. One even pointed out some spoilers from the manga where the children go HUNTING for survival, to point out that The Promised Neverland ain’t exactly animal friendly, nor is it kind to Vegans. Many fans also just rolled their eyes and did a facepalm because of the group’s recommendation of the critically-acclaimed anime.

The organization is currently under fire from everywhere in the internet because of their comments about Steve Irwin. They said that the late Crocodile Hunter wasn’t a good example and was actually cruel to animals. This of course incurred the wrath of virtually everyone, as they demanded PETA apologize to Irwin’s family.

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