As we reported earlier, the infamous and controversial otter mascot, Chiitan, is getting her own TV anime. Unfortunately, it looks like the anime is getting delayed after the city of Susaki in Kochi Prefecture has filed a temporary injunction against her activities. Apparently, the city’s official mascot, Shinkou-kun, possesses a lot of similarities with Chiitan. And now, Chiitan’s owners cannot use the mascot’s image, or even wear her costume in public, until the injunction is over.

The city claims that the controversial mascot’s activities infringe on their copyrights for Shinjou-kun. This is mainly because they do share a similar look, as they both came from the same designers. In fact, Chiitan served as unofficial ambassador for the city before Susaki itself received complaints against the otter mascot’s reckless and often dangerous stunts. In turn, Susaki City has voiced their concerns that Chiitan’s dangerous activities would negatively affect Shinjou-kun’s image. They then asked the mascot’s owners to halt activities last month, but Chiitan still continued to appear in events, as well as performed various dangerous activities. This then lead the city’s officials to file the injunction.

As for the anime, it was supposed to premiere in April. Unfortunately, the legal battle also means her venture into anime is also getting delayed. The anime’s website did promise that they will set a new premiere date once they have decided on it.

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source: Asahi Shimbun


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