It looks like Japan’s anime boom is slowing down for a bit. As we previously reported, the number of anime airing in Japan on prime time has dropped considerably since the 90’s. And now, it seems that late night anime might also suffer the same fate.

Last year, during the season of Spring 2018, they listed 42 late night TV anime. For this season, twitter user @Anime_Local noticed that there are only 15 upcoming Spring 2019 anime listed as late night anime. This is a 36% drop from last year’s Spring  lineup.

The list did not count the short anime that only run for 5-11 minutes, or those few anime that haven’t announced their schedules yet. But even if we counted them, the number of late night anime still dropped from last year.

While this upcoming season is highly anticipated as far as late night anime are concerned, last year’s was more of quantity rather than quality, with forgettable shows clogging up the airwaves. Is this new season aiming for more quality over quantity, with anime like Fruits Basket and One Punch Man? Or are we really in a downward trend for late night anime viewership, with people opting more to watch anime via online streaming services like Nico Nico Douga and Netflix? This subject does require more research, and hopefully, we might know soon enough.

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source: Sora News 24


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