When playing Dungeons and Dragons, have you ever had that useless party member who would usually get eaten by a giant frog, or wipe out the entire party after causing a huge explosion, or miss with every swing of her sword? Well, that’s basically the premise of KonoSuba, with the only useful member being the one with the weakest stats. And now, Kadokawa and F.E.A.R. (FarEast Amusement Research Co., Ltd.) are teaming up for a brand new KonoSuba tabletop RPG! And you thought your party members are useless now, huh?!

The two companies will release a 320-page rulebook for this new tabletop game, and KonoSuba author and creator, Natsume Akatsuki, supervised the creation of these rules himself! There will be various classes from the world of KonoSuba, from Arch mages like Michael Ba… I mean Megumin to normal adventurers like Kazuma. You can also choose your character’s background, and you can make him like a reincarnated hero or a crimson demon… or an absurdly incompetent water goddess… or a highly masochistic noble.

The game’s official title is KONOSUBA -God’s blessing on this wonderful world! TRPG, and they will release the game in Japan on 20th March 2019. Each rulebook will cost 1,600 yen. Unfortunately, they did not confirm if they would release the book in English, given the popularity of Tabletops and KonoSuba abroad.

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source: Otakomu


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