The Wanpi World Safari Zoo in Tainan City, Taiwan recently let its visitors vote on what to name their newest pair of servals, one male and one female. And now, the zoo has announced the results, and they sound awfully familiar…

Visitors voted to name the male serval as Kabang, while the female serval is named Shabaluu… so that they won’t just name a serval as… well… Serval. As for Kabang, it seems that the visitors tried not to bee too obvious, huh?

The two wild cats are the zoo’s latest additions. But these aren’t the first zoo servals to get Kemono Friends-inspired names. A zoo in China previously named three serval cubs as Tata, Nono, and Xixi… and if you put their names together, they sound like… Tanoshi, Serval’s catchprase.

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source: 0takomu and Wanpi World Safari Zoo’s Facebook page



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