These days, lots of anime are getting remakes, from Dororo to Boogie Pop. There’s also Fruits Basket coming up next month! However, fans also note that there are a ton of other anime which need their own remakes. And now, anime site, Nijimen, asked anime fans to vote for which classic anime do they think needs a remake. The fans have spoken, and here are the Top 10:

10 – Spiral

9 – Samurai Deeper Kyo

8 – 12 Kingdoms

7 – The Story of Saiunkoku

6 – Slam Dunk

5 – Please Save My Earth

4 – Kodocha

3 – Gakuen Alice

2 – Reborn!

1 – Ouran High Host Club

There you have it folks, fans want to see an Ouran High Host Club remake the most! Though it’s kinda surprising that Slam Dunk didn’t make it to the Top 5…

So, which anime do you wanna see a remake of?



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