Singer and music megastar, Ed Sheeran, is putting the spotlight on one mangaka thanks to his latest music video, “Supermarket Flowers”. This is because Aisawa Riku mangaka, Yoriko Hoshi, designed and animated the music video. Warner Music has now released it, and the video features an animated version of Ed Sheeran in the style of the mangaka. It also features his cats, his cats Calippo and Dorito.

And because this was Ed Sheeran, the mangaka apparently spent 10 months on the project, drawing approximately 600 illustrations. Hoshi took the project so seriously that the artist even traveled to the singer’s home country, including places like London and Ireland, to draw inspiration.

Sheeran first released “Supermarket Flowers” as part of his 2017 album, “÷” (Divide). The music video’s release also coincides with his Japan concerts, first stopping by the Tokyo Dome on 9th April. He will then travel to Osaka and hold a concert at the Kyocera Dome on April 23. 

As for Hoshino, the mangaka gained notoriety for Aisawa Riku. The manga also bagged the Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize’s Grand Prize, one of the highest awards in manga, back in 2015.

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