The hard-working platelets are some of the smallest cells in the blood stream, and now, they will be starring in their own manga! It will be a spin-off of the hit Cells at Work manga centering on the lovable little cells from the main series. It’s titled Cells at Work! Platelets.

Yeah, we invoke the ravioli ravioli, don’t lewd the platelet lolis on this one guys. Anyway, the anime’s writer, Yuko Kakihara, is writing the story, while Toradora’s Yasu provides the artwork. This will be the latest spin-off for the franchise, following Code Black and Friend.

Monthly Shounen Sirius will be responsible for the new manga’s serialization. It will make its debut in the magazine’s July 2019 issue, and it will get released on May 25, 2019. Remember, Ravioli Ravioli, don’t lewd the platelet loli!

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Source: Comic Natalie


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