The Prince Hotel in Ikebukuro is known for its anime and game collaborations, and its latest one is with Fate/Grand Order. The hotel is part of their IKEPRI25, on the 25th floor, which will be the hotel’s new collaboration rooms area. This new official FGO hotel will be called Hotel Chaldea, and it finally opened last April 6!

The hotel has several FGO-themed rooms, and since this is the fujoshi capital of Ikebukuro, it looks like an all-male character affair.

221B Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty)

Golden Space (Gilgamesh and Ozymandias)

Sakamoto Detective Agency (Ryoma Sakamoto and Izo Okada)

Room Camelot (Arthur and Merlin)

And yes, there will also be a Fate/Grand Order Museum” in there as well. They are now displaying various FGO merchandise, props, and standees in there. There are also several themed lounges, including ones which are themed after Leonardo Da Vinci, Lord El-Melloi II, Mozart and Mozart and Salieri.

The hotel is now open, but only until July 2019. And there are so many reservations that the only way to book a room is via lottery.

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