Disney is making its own visual novel with the help of Black Butler mangaka, Yana Toboso. It’s titled Twisted Wonderland, and they previously announced Alice in Wonderland-style villain boys for the game. And now, they’re adding Octavinelle dormitory, inspired by Little Mermaid. In other words, they just turned Ursula, Flotsam, and Jetsam into handsome villain boys.

Azul Ashengrotto

Jade Leech

Floyd Leech

It will be available for smartphones, and will follow the player as she enrolls at the Nightraven College. However, the school would only accept highly-skilled applicants, all of whom bear the souls of a villain. Yana Toboso, the mangaka behind Black Butler, provides much of the art, as well as character designs for the game. The school will have seven dormitories, though they only revealed one so far, It’s Heartsabyul, which is “twisted from Alive in Wonderland”. And of course, there are handsome young men there…

Disney will be revealing more dormitories and character soon. Meanwhile, Aniplex is handling the game’s distribution, and they have teased an international release as well. They describe its gameplay as “an adventure game weaving a story through rhythm and battles”. There’s no release date yet, but expect the staff to reveal more in the days to come.

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