Fans are still pretty angry about Kadokawa firing former Kemono Friends director Tatsuki, and many seem to take their frustrations out on the staff of Kemono Friends 2. And recently, the second anime’s producer has been in hot water for recent comments he made about fans, insinuating that fans did not understand Kemono Friends 2’s appeal. In a series of tweets, producer Nobuyuki Hosoya has said that Kemono Friends fans are blindly following Tatsuki and are not perceptive enough to even understand the second season. Of course, this resulted in a ton of backlash, and Hosoya hasn’t tweeted ever since. And now, TV Tokyo, which airs the anime in Japan, has issued an apology to fans for what seems to be the Kemono Friends 2 producers tweets.

In their apology, TV Tokyo did not name anyone, and just referred to the perpetrator as an “employee”. However, fans believe the apology to refer to Hosoya. The apology says that the “employee” involved with Kemono Friends 2 has made “unpleasant and unprofessional conduct towards viewers,” and to this, they apologize. The statement has added that it is up to the fans to express their evaluation of the show, and those involved with the creation of the anime “must accept the results earnestly”.

Hosoya has had a bad reputation among Kemono Friends fans for his condescending comments towards them. They even insinuated that it is Hosoya who is behind a troll account bashing former director Tatsuki. The account, which is now deleted, went under the handle Hyoumura Faneru (@Palis12832142). Fans believe the man behind the account to be Hosoya, as the account expressed that it knew things only an insider would know, and had similar quirks and wordings with the producer’s account.

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source: TV Tokyo official website


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