Ahhhh Berserk, the other king of manga hiatuses aside from Hunter x Hunter, may be known for gore, violence, and lots of suffering, but it also gained a ton of bad reputation every time its mangaka, Kentarou Miura, goes on a hiatus. And now, Young Animal magazine’s 8th issue for 2019 has revealed that the series is indeed returning within its pages.

The manga’s return is slated for the magazine’s combined 9th/10th issue, which hits the stands on April 26, 2019. This will be the first new chapter in eight months, as Berserk’s latest chapter was released way back in August of last year. Well, at least Miura is putting in a color page to celebrate his return…

Miura launched the manga way back in 1989 and has become one of the most famous and popular dark fantasy manga in history. In fact, the manga has gained global renown since the 90’s, However, constant hiatuses which often last for years on end has put a damper on the story. Miura even got a reputation for going on a hiatus as soon as a new [email protected] game gets a release.

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source: Young Animal official website


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