After a successful run in 2015, Death Note the Musical is returning five years later! This one will have a whole new set of actors to play the main roles, and the staff have revealed some of them. They also revealed a new key visual as well:

The cast will include:

  • Ryouta Murai as Light Yagami
  • Fuu Takahashi as L
  • Sakura Kiryuu as Misa Amane
  • Hirari Nishida as Sayu Yagami
  • Hye-na Park as Rem
  • Eiji Yokota as Ryuk
  • Kiyotaka Imai as Souichirou Yagami

Ryouta Murai ain’t the only one playing Light, as the role is double cast. The reason they haven’t revealed the second actor yet is that they are still holding auditions for him. Auditions are now being conducted across Japan.

As for the play itself, it will debut in January 2020 at Tokyo’s Toshima Ward Performing Arts Exchange Theater (Owl Spot). And like other anime/manga-based plays, they’re also planning to do shows in other cities across the country. American composer, Frank Wildhorn, wrote the scripts while Jack Murphy wrote the lyrics. Another American, Ivan Menchell, wrote the play’s scripts. Meanwhile, award-winning Japanese director, Tamiya Kuriyama, is directing the musical.

The previous play had an international run, though it’s still not clear if this new play would have one as well.

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