When it comes to Japanese mecha anime, one of the most well known and most iconic is Mobile Suit Gundam. And as the franchise celebrated its 40th anniversary yesterday, April 7, they announced that many things are coming to the franchise. They promise to celebrate the anime, and it’s gonna be a really big one.

First, they announced the Mobile Suit Gundam the Movie Cinema Concert. It will be a live orchestra featuring the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, with the renowned Takayuki Hattori both arranging and conducting the music. It will focus on the music of the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime, particularly its compilation movie trilogy. It will happen from August 17-17, 2019 at Shinjuku’s Tokyo Opera City.

And speaking of Gundam concerts, they will also be conducting the GUNDAM 40th FES.”LIVE-BEYOND” concert event. It will be going on for two days, and will feature songs from the entire Gundam franchise. It will happen ay the Makuhari Messe in Chiba from September 7-8, 2019.

They also announced the GUNDAM “BEYOND the Cinema EXPERIENCE” TOUR, which will show the various Gundam franchises through immersive ULTIRA and 4DX gimmicks. Select Theaters in Japan will be screening them.

As for you Gundam 00 fans, the announcement also revealed that the live-action Gundam 00 stage play, Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Regeneration by Destruction Re:Build, will be getting a digital release. They have recorded the play’s Fenruary 29 performance in Isaka, and they will be distributing the play online for a limited time. This will happen starting today, April 8, 2019 until May 7, 2019. Several streaming services, including Amazon, the Bandai Channel, dAnime Store,DMM, and also YouTube, will be streaming the performance.

But that’s not all because Bandai and Sunrise will be revealing more very soon. So expect more collaborations, more GunPla plastic models, and of course, more Gundam!

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