Naruto may be over, but mangaka Masashi Kishimoto is still pretty busy. For one thing, he’s working as for Mikie Ikemoto and Ukyou Kodachi’s Boruto manga. Oh, and he’s also launching a new manga with former assistant, Akira Ookubo titled “Samurai 8: Hachimaruden”. And now, the 21st issue of Weekly Shounen Jump magazine has announced that they will be releasing a “preview version” of the manga on April 27 with their combined 22nd and 23rd issues. They also released a teaser artwork for the upcoming manga as well:

The preview manga will only have for pages, though one of them will be colored. As for the manga itself, it will be Jump’s first new series of the Reiwa era, and it will debut in its 24th issue on May 13. The 24th issue will also be the magazine’s first issue of the era, with the combined 22nd and 23rd issue, due out on April 27, being the last issue of the Heisei era.

Unlike Naruto where he serves as both artist and writer, Kishimoto will only be doing the original work and story, while Ookubo does the art. Naruto’s own seiyuu, Junko Takeuchi, went on stage and read a message from Kishimoto. She said that the manga will “combine his love for Japanese culture and clothing, and science-fiction.”

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