Teasing Master Takagi-san is getting a much-deserved second season. And now, it looks like the prank war is about to intensify! In fact, the staff even revealed a brand new PV for this new upcoming season.

The new PV also reveals more details, including the anime’s July 2019 premiere. Meanwhile, Hiroaki Akagi is returning to direct, along with character designer Aya Takano. Meanwhile, Rie Takahashi and Yuuki Kaji are also returning to reprise their roles as Takagi and Nishikata respectively.

Here’s how Funimation describes the anime’s story:

Tired of being mercilessly teased by his classmate Takagi, Nishikata has vowed to get her back and successfully tease the girl that’s made him blush countless times. After all, if you blush, you lose! But getting vengeance isn’t so easy when every attempt blows up in his face. Will Nishikata ever make Takagi blush or will he gain something more fulfilling from his bumbling attempts?

So, who is excited for Season 2, because we surely are!

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