Enako is one of the most popular cosplayers on Earth, earning a ton of money every year. And now, she’s gonna delve into acting as she will be making her debut in the live-action Kakegurui movie. In fact, the movie’s twitter page has released several stills of her in costume for the film:

In the movie, she plays a yet-to-be-named student who will be facing off in a gambling battle. Her opponent is Jueri Arukibi played by Haruka Fukuhara. This might be her live-action acting debut, but she already tried voice acting previously, voicing Rin in Henkei Shoujo.

As for the movie itself, Co-mangaka Homura Kawamoto is collaborating on its story, which is an original one and not part of the manga. It will introduce a new group in the school known as “Village”, They’re opposing the student council… and Yumeko as well! The stars from the live-action TV series will be reprising their roles for the movie. Netflix is currently streaming the TV anime, as well as the live-action version. As for the movie’s international release, there is still no word about it at the moment. The TV series will premiere on 31st March, and then the movie will be airing on May 3, 2019.

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