Want more of “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” but can’t wait for the second season? Don’t worry, because Rimuru and the gang are returning earlier than expected. Amazon recently listed Vol. 12 of the manga adaptation of Fuse’s hit light novel series, and it has a limited edition release. The online shopping site listed that the limited edition release will be coming with the anime’s second Original Anime DVD (OAD).

There are still no details available for this new OAD unfortunately. However, do expect the staff to reveal what it will be about in the days to come. This may be the second OAD, but it’s getting released ahead of the first one, which was delayed due to “various circumstances”. While the second OAD is getting its release in July, the first one will hit the stores with the manga’s 13th volume in December.

As for the second season, don’t worry because it’s really coming! It will be making its debut in 2020, and expect the staff to reveal more soon enough.

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