Japan may have a low crime rate, but that still doesn’t mean that there are no criminals. In fact, police recently arrested a man breaking into people’s home and taking cash. They arrested the burglar inside one of the homes he broke into in Munakata, Fukuoka. However, what makes him peculiar is that he was wearing Shinji Ikari’s plugsuit from Evangelion.

The cosplay burglar’s name is Tetsuya Fujisawa, a 37-year old unemployed man. When he was arrested, he stole around 17,000 yen in cash from that home. However, it seems that this cosplay bandit wasn’t just wearing Evangelion plugsuits, but other costumes as well. It was found that he previously cosplayed Spider-Man, as well as wore a bunny girl outfit, while breaking into other people’s homes.

The Fukuoka district court then gave Fujisawa a three-year penal labor sentence. The court also noted that because he has been spotted breaking into homes before his arrest, he has already made it a habit.

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Source: TV Asahi


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