During the Sakura-Conm event in the United States, Sakura-Con: Code Geass producer Kojiro Taniguchi revealed that there will be more Code Geass! In fact, they announced that they actually have a 10-year plan for the franchise, and the Lelouch of the Resurrection movie is only the first phase.

Sunrise producer Toshiro Fujiwara was also at the event, and he stated that the second phase could be anything. He says they haven’t decided it yet, but confirmed it could be anime, manga, or something from another form of media.

From the looks of things, Sunrise may be having a Marvel Cinematic Universe-type of long-term plan, and Lelouch of the Resurrection was their Iron Man of sorts. However, instead of just anime, they are expanding it to other media. Well, that seems to be where this is all headed, huh? The staff are still quite silent on the second phase, but do expect them to announce more details in the days to come.

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