Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse directors Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman have pulled off a huge victory with a masterpiece of a movie.  Recently, the three of them talked to IGN Japan to talk about their Academy Award-winning movie. There, they revealed the major influences for the film included Japanese anime.

Persichetti said that legendary Ghibli director and fellow Academy Award-winner, Hayao Miyazaki, was one of the biggest influences to the movie. He says that Miyazaki’s movies have penetrated American culture already, and that his influence to American animators in “inescapable”. Meanwhile, Rothman discussed the most Japanese-inspired character of them all, Penny Parker. He says that they took inspiration from several anime characters for her, but the biggest one was Sailor Moon. Usagi/Sailor Moon is known to be particularly perky, and so is Penny Parker, so the influence really makes sense. As for the movie’s effects, Ramsey says that they took inspiration from the classic anime movie, Akira.

Spider-Verse hit Japan last March, and it will be getting its Japanese-dubbed Blu-ray release in August 7, 2019. It received plenty of critical praise from  around the world, culminating in a huge Oscar victory.

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