Kamen Rider fans rejoice! This is because we now know what may be the very first Kamen Rider series of the new Reiwa era! It seems that Toei has filed a new trademark for the series last April 19, and it has now gone public. This new trademark’s title is Kamen Rider Zero-One. Kinda fitting for the new era, huh?

Toei just filed the trademark, so we still don’t know when they’re planning to begin production, casting, filming, and releasing this new series. It’s also possible that they just filed the trademark so they can do it much later in the future.

However, if we based it on the trademark release for the final Heisei Kamen Rider, Zi-O, it might only take a few months. Its trademark went public May 2018, and then the first episode made its debut in September the same year. Here’s to hoping we get to see one this year as well!

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source: Japanese Intellectual Property Database Trademark Bot


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