As many Gintama fans know by now, series creator Hideaki Sorachi has a long and extensive record of trolling fans. And now, Shueisha has revealed that the Gintama app will be releasing the manga’s “Final Chapter” on June 17, 2019. It was originally scheduled for release on June 10, but delayed it for “various circumstances”.

The manga ended its run on Weekly Shounen Jump magazine last September, and transferred to Jump Giga magazine where it was supposed to end. However, it seems that Sorachi was trolling, and its ending instead on the Gintama app. However, fans stopped believing the announcements already, and are even speculating that there will be another new chapter after this. Well, this is Gintama… but then again, it could be serious this time.

The manga has inspired various TV anime and animated movies, as well as a live-action adaptation. It’s one of the most successful anime to ever come out of Weekly Shounen Jump, and that is saying a lot since the magazine also produced Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

So, what do you guys think? Is Gintama trying to troll us again, or do you think that another “final chapter” will be released after this?

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source: Weekly Shounen Jump twitter account


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