The town of Oarai is very much associated with Girls und Panzer. Since the anime aired a few years back, it has gone from a sleepy fishing town to a popular anime tourism destination. And with that, The Ibaraki Kotsu Company has revealed a brand new (and official) Girls und Panzer bus which also passes by Oarai. And what better way to introduce the bus than with none other than Miho Nishizumi’s own seiyuu, Mai Fuchigami! She even sporterd the Oarai uniform to introduce the new bus!

This would be the bus company’s 5th Girls und Panzer bus, and it wouldn’t just feature artworks and characters from the anime. As the video reveals, it also has some hand-written messages from fans, which they wrote during the Kairaku Festa 2019 event last March.

The bus also helps promote the second upcoming Girls und Panzer das Finale film. It will premiere on June 15, 2019, and will feature the Oarai girls taking on the tank teams from BC Freedom High School in a winter battle.

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