Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino and Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki are two of Japan’s most well known and legendary anime directors. Both are known for their fiery words and outspoken opinions, as well as their disdain for otaku. Yeah, both iconic anime directors really hate otaku. However, it seems that there was a low key rivalry between the two of them. In a speech to students wanting to enter the animation industry, he told them that even with all his success and how big Gundam has becomem he’s still not happy. In fact, he told them “Even when I think I’m going to be able to crush Hayao Miyazaki, I can’t. This is the thing that makes me the most unhappy.”

But why would he want to crush Miyazaki? Well, it seems that Tomino is pretty competitive. And in anime, there’s no bigger name than Hayao Miyazaki. He said “Once you join the anime industry, you’re surrounded by deeply talented people…If there’s someone you want to crush nearby, it inspires you to chase after your dreams to a ridiculous extent…I was able to make something like Gundam because I met Miyazaki and [fellow Studio Ghibli director Isao] Takahata.”

However, as it seems that Miyazaki doesn’t really talk about Tomino that much, many say that the rivalry may have been one-sided. But then again, we may not really know that much, as these two legends have crossed paths before, and their works speak for themselves. And while Tomino did not win an Oscar like old Hayao, he did create one of the greatest mecha franchises of all time, which is now also a billion-dollar industry.

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source: Sora News 24


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