Twitter user @shining_amano is a long-time fan of the Fate franchise, and he is very proud about it. He recently got married, and when he posted his wedding photos, they became quite viral. The reason? Well, remember that he’s a Fate fan, so they had a Fate-themed wedding ceremony. And to top it all off, they even cut the cake with Saber’s Excalibur!

Fate wasn’t the only anime represented during the wedding though, because the wedding entrance played a song from another anime, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. Doesn’t really matter because… Sawano Hiroyuki baby!

Now, in Japan, people actually look down on otaku and their hobbies. One commenter asked if it’s ok if people know him find out about him being one. To this, Shining Amano replied that he’s quite open about his hobbies so he does not mind. And so, we will end this by greeting Shining Amano with a huge CONGRATULATIONS! 

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