Nissin’s Hungry Days series of commercials would often re-imagine fantastical anime series as normal high schoolers. This time, they’re re-imagining characters from Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece in a “What if?” commercial. Yes folks, the ads answer the question on “What if the Straw Hate Pirates were normal high school kids?”

Nissin’s official YouTube channel has now released the first commercial of the series, and it features a normal Roronoa Zoro. The commercial suggests that he’s a member of the kendo club… and also triple-wields pens when taking a test. Just Zoro being Zoro I guess? It also teases the stories of the normal high school versions of the other Straw Hats as well, and even shows Luffy near the end.

There are more commercials to follow, as this is only the “Zoro Chapter”. The videos also feature the band Bump of Chicken, who perform the commercial series’ theme song “Kinen Satsuei”.

So, which One Piece character will be getting his/her ramen spotlight next?

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