Detective Pikachu is now out and is now the most successful movie based on a video game. And yes, fans seem to love it, with much praise for Ryan Reynolds voicing the titular Pikachu. However, it seems that during filming, the visual effects team had some problems with one particular Pokemon, Mr. Mime. Visual effects supervisor Erik Nordby and creature art director Ravi Bansal went directly to the Pokemon Company to ask advice on how to adapt Mr. Mime on screen. To their surprise, they had no idea either!

In an interview with Time, Bansal told the magazine “…We asked the Pokemon Company, ‘What is he?’ They went: ‘We don’t know.’ They were actually trying to dissuade us from using him, because they weren’t sure what he was or whether he’d work well on screen. That was a bit of a strange one.”

Yeah, so even they don’t know what the heck the Psychic/Fairy Pokemon should really be. But in the end, Mr. Mime ended up being such a character in the movie that he became one of the most popular Pokemon there.

Meanwhile, Nordly told Time that when they first designed the Pokemon, it was very creepy, so they decided to make it toy-like, They even added freckles to make it seem cuter. Of course, many people still found it creepy, but movie-goers still found it endearing in the end.

Detective Pikachu is now showing in theatres across the world.

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Source: Time 


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