In Japan, there are a lot of people who are really disappointed with the current state of the anime industry. Many, especially Academy Award-winning director, Hayao Miyazaki, is not too fond of having too much otaku in the industry. This also applies to Yoshiyuki Tomino, the creator of the Gundam franchise, who also is not fond of otaku himself. In fact, he wants to talk about more social issues in anime. And now, it seems that more and more people in anime are sharing their opinion. One of them is Keiko Moritsugu. The animator has worked as both a CG artist for Doraemon, as well as a character designer for Pokemon. In a recent tweet, she even said that anime should be more like Marvel and Disney. In that tweet, she said:

“The quality of Disney and Marvel movies get better and better every year, and the reason why is because they work issues that society is grappling with into their scripts. Japanese animation has become unable to do that. The methodology for making anime is ‘As long as we put some sexy stuff in, we can trick otaku into buying it, right?’”

Her tweets are more of a criticism of the industry’s focus on sexualization, focusing more on fan service rather than story or grappling more with social issues as Yoshiyuki Tomino also pointed out previously. In another tweet, she stated:

These days, if you made a movie like Zootopia in Japan, I think people would get all worked up about it online, and say things like ‘Kill the feminists!’ and ‘Wait, this movie was only made to please minorities.’ But there’s nothing wrong with that happening. That shows that a movie has social relevance.”

And yeah, she also tweeted how recent anime content would often “trick” men, and how this would also cause problems for women. And to tell the truth, from her perspective, all those fan service scenes are a bit uncomfortable to watch.

“I think men probably get deceived watching anime that’s just about girls being giggly and screechy, but when women look at men who desire too much comforting from women, it’s psychologically exhausting.”

She also replied to another tweet about an overly-sexualized anime titled Sekirei. In that reply tweet, she openly stated that “Moe has ruined anime”. She stated”

“I’m not just angry at bluntly sexualized anime like this. I’m also angry at anime that include this attitude in a diluted form. I really think that moe has ruined anime.”

Finally, she lamented on how much anime has regressed in terms of story-telling.

“Since Evangelion, anime has become something where if you add in some erotic content so people will buy it, then it’s all good. That made it easier to trick male otaku who can’t get a girlfriend, and it became harder and harder to find anime that are artistic creations, and now anime has fallen into a regressive loop.”

She’s not criticizing Evangelion per se, but the fall out after it. Many actually echoed her sentiments, while there are those who predictably criticized it. So, which side do you fall into? Do you just like moe fanservice anime which pays no attention to plot or storytelling, or do you want to see more social commentary woven into anime and focus more on plot and stories like Moritsugu, Tomino, and Miyazaki?

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source: Sora News 24


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