Sonic the Hedgehog’s original design made fans do a collective groan. And now, Paramount has decided to do a redesign in a move lauded by not only the fans, but Sonic’s creator as well. But while a lot of people are very happy with the decision, a few fans who are also animators voiced their concerns. This isn’t really about the new design, but the amount of work that that it might take.

What people don’t realize is that animation is actually a very hard job, and the redesign just throws a wrench at everything the movie’s animators had already worked on. Folks, Just know that the undertaking won’t be easy for them, and they will be suffering horrid deadlines. Unfortunately, this will be lost to many fans who never really appreciated the efforts of animators.

Fans mostly criticized Sonic’s fur, eyes, and teeth, and going as far as saying that the design really looks creepy. And with fans actually being this vocal about the design, the movie’s staff just had to change it. Thanks internet! Paramount previously announced Sonic the Hedgehog will premiere from November 15, 2019 to November 8, 2019 in the United States.

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