BONES and Flying Dog’s musical anime, Carole & Tuesday, has proven to be one of this season’s biggest surprises. The anime has a truly genuine story that fans can relate to, and it also has a killer soundtrack. And now, it looks like its music will be even more dope, as several world-famous musicians are helping compose its songs. They are Steve Aoki, MOGUAI, Andy Platts, and Cornelius.

The biggest name here is of course, Steve Aoki, the 2-time Grammy-nominated producer and DJ, who has collaborated with a lot of world-famous musicians, from Will.I.Am to Linkin’ Park. He also collaborated with world famous Kpop group, BTS as well. FORBES magazine even lists him as one of the most highest paid DJ’s in the world.

Other popular names include MOGUAI, Germany’s most famous DJ and a pioneer of electronic music. Meanwhile, Andy Platts is a popular British songwriter, and Cornelius, also known as Keigo Oyamada, is involved the production of music, not just in Japan, but also abroad.

Carole & Tuesday follows two ladies as they seek to break into Mars’s music industry. While Carole is a streetwise refugee from Earth, barely able to make ends meet, Tuesday is a former rich girl who ran away from home to pursue her passion for music. The anime is a celebration of BONES’s 20th anniversary, as well as Flying Dog’s 10th anniversary, and is done in partnership with Netflix.

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source: So Japan


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