Fate/Grand Order has always been one of Japan’s most successful apps, taking the #1 spot in sales rankings regularly. It’s all thanks to the players who actually spend money in order to try and get their favorite character. In fact, last week’s sales rankings, dated May 26, had  the game taking the #1 spot. However, it seems that the game’s infamous dominance is slowing down. AppAnnie has released the latest sales rankings from the Japanese App Store, and it’s not looking good for the game’s sales. It took such a dip that it went from #1 in May 26 to just #59 in June 2. This also marks the first time that the app has not made the Top 50 in sales for the iOS platform in Japan since its release.

However, the good news is that the dip was just abrupt. In fact, it jumped to #37 the very next day, but the dip in sales was huge for the game as it’s the first time this has dipped that low ever. It’s expected to climb back even further.

So, is this a slow down? Or were the whales just taking a break? Well, that’s possible, right?

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Source: AppAnnie


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