Whether you like Sword Art Online or not, the anime is undoubtedly one of the most popular in the world. That being said, Kirito’s sword from the first season, Elucidator, is also one of the most recognizable swords in all of anime. Now, Good Smile Company is releasing a life-size replica model of the sword, and they’re teasing it in a new video:

The sword may not be able to actually cut its targets like the real one, but it does come with a gyro sensor that recognizes how the user is moving the sword. It also comes with a speaker and will light up because it has 700 LCDs inside. Its lights and sound changes according to the movement, and will feature different lights and sounds when it is swung, gripped, or hits something. And yes, users can also make use of the Starburst Stream attack at the push of a button… though mimicking Kirito’s movements isn’t guaranteed. That part takes actual skill.

Users can also control the sword through their mobile devices as well. It will come with an app that lets people control the swords lights and effects remotely through their smart devices. There are two editions, with the regular one costing 120,000 yen and the special edition costing 150,000 yen. The special edition boasts a genuine leather grip and a custom carry case.

The sword is a result from a collaboration between Good Smile Company and tech company, Cerevo. It is set for release in April 2020, and pre-orders are now open via the Good Smile Company official online store.

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