Madhouse is one of those animation studios that is quite infamous for abusing and overworking their animators. In fact, a veteran animator working for them recently sued the studio for abusive practices and won. However, even with the lawsuit, it seems that the studio is still abusing its workers with long hours and little pay.

Mizue Ogawa, who works as a freelance animator for various studios, has said on twitter that a production assistant from a certain “M” studio is still working animators until midnight, She then added that when he asked the production assistant about the reforms, it was just for the animator who filed the lawsuit and not everybody else. For the others, they are still in the “middle of negotiations”. She concluded that in other words, “nothing has changed at all”.

Animation studios in Japan are infamous for being slave drivers. In fact, one man from A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online) even committed suicide due to overwork. It has been a continuing trend in the industry, and the assistant hopes that his actions would change how studios treat their workers.

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