Kaguya Luna is one of the most popular Virtualm YouTubers out there. And now, she’s planning to set a Guinness World record for the highest-altitude smartphone livestream ever broadcast. She’s not doing it alone either, as she has teamed with Nissin, Jrock band Maximum the Hormone, and Japan’s Space Entertainment Laboratory to do it! But how will she do that? Well, they’re planning to launch her into space…

And yes, that’s Maximum the Hormone playing in the background…

Kaguya Luna will be launching to space aboard the craft known as U.F.O. 1. Maximum the Hormone’s Maximum the Ryo contributed the autographed chopsticks used in the… craft?

The Japan Space Entertainment Laboratory will be setting up the rig on a balloon and is expected to go 20Km (or more) above the Earth’s surface. The current record for highest altitude streaming is 18.43Km, and the Japan Space Entertainment Laboratory has sent balloons up further than that, about 30Km, so the team is highly confident that they will achieve the world record stream.

They will be launching the balloon on June 24, 2019 in Mongolia, and Kaguya Luna’s channel will be strreaming live during that time. And they are planning things big for the record attempt, as Nippon Broadcasting System announcer Hisanori Yoshida will be serving as MC. They also have some special guests for the livestream as well!

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