Japanese author Kugane Maruyama has introduced us to the world of Overlord, and he’s been regularly communicating with fans through twitter. Recently, a fan tweeted an English fan translation of an Overlord bonus short novel titled Boukoku no Kyuuketsu-hime. The twitter user, known as @RainyCloud15, told the author about the English fan translation, and asked him if there is anyway to take action against it. Well, saying that the author behind the novel wasn’t pleased with the news was a bit of an understatement.

In a tweet, the Overlord creator responded by saying that because of this, he has now lost motivation for continuing the series. He pondered whether he should cut the series early and end it at Vol. 17 instead of the planned Vol. 18. He also said that he might quit writing and go back to being a normal company employee instead. It is unclear whether the author was serious or not with his statement on quitting, but he did release a follow-up tweet:

“Sorry, all of you bought with good money. Bad money drives out good. Anyway, it’s going to be tough to conclude at volume 16, so I’m taking things at a moderate pace.”

Anime News Network explained the tweet:

“His tweet was a reference to Gresham’s law, which states that if there are two forms of coin in circulation which are worth the same value by law, then the coins made out of cheaper material will drive the coins made of more expensive material out of existence. It is possible that Maruyama was applying this principle to fan translations, implying that freely distributed translations would drive the official product out of existence. The expression is also used in Japanese to generally refer to bad things spoiling good things.”

So yeah, it does seem that the Overlord creator really doesn’t like fan translations.

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source: ANN


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