After saying that moe has ruined anime, Pokemon artist, Keiko Moritsugu is back. And yes, she is not happy with the current otaku boom. And in another tweet, she has said something controversial… AGAIN. This time, she claims that the big companies are making otaku the biggest suckers of all.

Her tweet states that:

“I don’t think the situation is that otaku’s hobbies have become mainstream, but that they’re no longer being warned by anyone about their harmful qualities. No one is teaching them that reading books, having barbecues, playing musical instruments, playing footsal, learning languages, or other forms of study will make their lives richer. And the reason why is because for big companies, otaku are the biggest suckers and the easiest to trick.”

Moritsugu suggests that people should spend more time enriching themselves rather than just watching anime all day. Of course, she received much push back, as one of her detractors said “It sounds like you’re not aware of the scope of otakuism. While doing ordinary things, they thoroughly investigate the fields that intrigue them, which allows them to obtain vast, if sometimes unrequired, amounts of knowledge. It’s not right to use such a broad brush when disparaging people.”

To this, the animator replied:

“Okay, let me repeat this once again. ‘Don’t mistake otaku with no skills for otaku who have genius-level capabilities.”

Moritsugu is an anime lover. After all, she is currently working on two of the biggest anime franchises ever in Pokemon and Doraemon. She’s just not a fan of popular anime tropes like me and obsessions with anime. In Japan, otaku are actually looked down upon, and are mostly considered degenerates. It is far from the otaku wonderland many foreigners think it is. The animators point is that maybe other anime watchers should also have other interests, rather than have the big companies milk them their money for figures and merchandise…

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source: Sora News 24


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